I recently got asked why my logo design process seems to differ slightly from many other freelance logo designers.

I don’t take your money up front, run away for a week then present you with 4 polished logo designs to choose from. We’ll first agree on a budget. I’ll draw up one design, present it to you, you then offer up some remarks for me to then run away again and make several rounds of alterations and changes. After a couple of days, I come back to you with a more complete logo. This usually follows with a few more changes before completing the project and releasing the artwork. Finally, hoping to get paid.

The more commonly used approach you’ll find out there for many freelance logo designers and branding agencies in Dubai is slightly different. There is always a set cost in place for a basic logo design, with full payment usually required upfront. The number of ideas and revisions provided to you over the allotted project time are usually limited to less than a few. With possibly some extras thrown in like basic stationery designs, letterheads and business cards to help cushion the deal.

Don’t get me wrong. This process is solid and it works for many clients, so in no way is this a bash at this approach. I am merely outlining my own approach and how it differs from the above. This can be, for some clients, a more interesting and enlightening hands on approach.

It’s your brand.
As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a set price package so to speak. I know how long the process should take but I strongly feel it’s not for me to determine how much a client should place on the branding of their company. If their image is important to them, then I would like to see some input on their part rather than me suggesting a price. Only they can put a true value on their business.

No contracts.
As my business is very much focused on small business & start-ups, I’m not really in the need for them at the moment. They do say that they give you and your client peace of mind, but I think it’s a wasted peace of mind. Perhaps as the business grows and the scope of the projects intensify, then I will re-visit the contract issue.

Revisions, revisions, revisions.
Once I get the verbal commitment from the client, the work starts. I will take the brief handed to me and start the conceptual design process. Starting with little sketches and ideas, the tinkering begins. I usually like to show the client at least one early design concept, just so they can confirm we are on the right track. If we are, great, if not, back to drawing board with their feedback noted and addressed in the next revision and there on after until the completed logo is finalised.

Flexible payment.
Payment upfront can be an easy option for most freelancers to offer their clients. Whereas I prefer to offer a 7 day payment option prior to the completion of the final design.

Every step of the way.
I pride myself on my personal service and with each client I like to ensure they are fully informed and involved every step of the way throughout the design process.

I hope this gave you some insight into how I work part of my freelancing. Everyone has different methods, so this is by no means a ‘you should do it this way’. But this is tried and tested in my books and greatly becoming a flexible way of working.

For further inquiries regarding logo design or any branding work, please contact me directly at: danny@thedesignhat.com or if you want to hear a friendly voice, give me a call on +971504570247.