Founded in 2013, The Design Hat is the Dubai-based independent design studio of Danny Ammounah. For well over half a decade, Danny has been producing work for a variety of clients, with the belief that good design matters. Having regularly worked on projects as a solo designer, consultant and art director, some projects are also undertaken within a trusted global network of freelance designers, developers and design agencies.


A little bit about myself…

Hello there, my name is Danny and I’m a freelance designer and multi-discipline Art Director based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Though a digital designer at heart, I have previously worked in a variety of design roles ranging from branding through print, retail and advertising.

I graduated from the University of Kent, Canterbury, in 2007 with a degree in Multimedia & Technology Design and have worked in the design industry ever since. In June 2013, I set up my own freelance design studio in Dubai known as The Design Hat.

Having worked with clients of all sizes and from various sectors, both locally and internationally, I pride myself in providing innovative design solutions that add value to my clients brands. It’s my aim to form long term business relationships with all my clients, producing design work that will deliver over and above expectations.

I’m fortunate enough to work with a range of highly talented and trusted freelancers and collaborators, allowing me to offer and produce work across various mediums. Specialising mainly in digital, my services include [but are not limited to] graphic design, print design, and brand identity, both offline and online.

In addition to my own client work, I also work as a design consultant for a number of Dubai & London based agencies.

Plus: If you need further man power on your project, I might know someone to help you out as well.

Currently available for select projects, collaborations and consulting.